Mastery of the Mind

How to Dismantle, Dominate, and Destroy the Mental Traps and Bad Habits Keeping You Down to Live a Stress-Free Life Full of Health, Happiness, and Freedom

I’ve got a simple question for you: Which of the following two guys looks happier, and like they have their life together?

Actually, sorry—I lied. It was a trick question. It’s the same guy.


On the left is a few years ago, when I had no tools to help myself through my negative thoughts and habits. On the right is when I started to figure things out. I went from looking like I was constantly scared of something (or someone) running me over to looking hopeful and happy.

Have You Ever Been Looking for the Magic Pill, in Analysis Paralysis Mode, or Sick of the BS Platitudes?

A couple of years ago I had just started getting into self-improvement, mainly through men’s dating advice. I would read tons of books and try to implement these tools and techniques, but I didn’t really know what I was targeting.

It seemed like there was SO much information out there, and nobody was telling me what to start with.

Honestly, I was looking for ANYTHING to make me feel a bit better—the "answer" or magic pill.

But all I found were blanket techniques that supposedly helped with depressive moods and anxiety. Or I found platitudes…things like "Be present" and "Just be happy."

I wasn’t moving forward at all, and I felt like a failure.

I would get down on myself and ask why I wasn’t changing. I wasn’t even helping myself…and I didn’t know where to go.

The Myth That Something Is Wrong with You

Do You Feel Pissed off with Yourself and Jealous That Other People "Figured It out", but You Can't?

I would look at my friends—who seemed to be far less anxious and much happier than me—and get jealous and pissed off.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

They were off mingling and being the life of the party, while I couldn’t even ask someone for the time. I always worried, was constantly stressed out, and wasn’t enjoying life at all.

Are you at the point where you just feel like giving up? Where you think you’ll always be stuck with this sort of crap? Maybe you’ve become depressed or self-critical—you think that something is wrong with you, and that you should be better.

I’ve been there—trust me. I know how it feels. And I’m here to tell you that NOTHING IS WRONG WITH YOU—you just need a plan and a bit of help.

How You Can "Crack the Code" to Crush Your Fears and Anxiety, Get out of Your Head, and More

I don’t know about you, but I want to know what to do when I come across a problem. If X happens, I’ll do Y.

But the issue is that nobody teaches you how deal with things like anxiety, procrastination, or fear. School doesn’t have a course on "clearing your mind of negative thinking" or "what to do when you feel scared but need to do something without feeling like you’re going to die or throw up." You’re usually left to figure all this stuff out on your own, and struggle with all the failures while you try to find solutions.

But what I found was that it wasn’t until I started focusing on my HABITS that things really started to change for me. You see, Aristotle said, "You are what you repeatedly do." This is because that’s all you are—a collection of habits. It’s your HABITS that shape your life. Everything you do is a stacking and compilation of your habits.

You don’t approach that attractive person because you have a HABIT of talking yourself out of it. You worry because you have a HABIT of always thinking that something bad might happen. You watch TV when you get home instead of going to the gym because it’s a HABIT.

You feel sad, anxious, and depressed because you have bad habits that continuously beat you down. Your habits can make or break you, and until you fix your habits, you’ll never live the life you want. You’ll just continuously screw yourself over in a repetitive pattern that DOESN’T HELP YOU.

After talking to people and asking them how they handled difficult times in life, I realized that they just had tools and things they used WITHOUT KNOWING IT in those moments to help them push through. In other words, they had HABITS of using certain tools in specific moments—if X happened, they did Y.

So if they were just using tools, can't I learn the same things? Can you?

The answer is yes, you can learn easy-to-use tools and habits to destroy your mental wastes.

How My 27+ Years of Dealing with Shame and Anxiety Can Help YOU Break through Your Bad Habits and Create the Life You Want

There is actually a very systematic way to implement habits. When you focus on one thing that is bringing you down over a specific period of time, you can effectively deal with, and mostly get rid of it.

I turned myself into an experiment: I researched and collected groups of habits and tools for procrastination, fear, anxiety, negative self-talk, making excuses, and 14 other mental wastes. Then I recorded how long it took to start using each habit to tackle the mental wastes.

Finally, I learned about the concept of mindfulness from going to Vipassana meditation retreats, which brought everything together. See, mindfulness REALLY helped me get out of my head and stop my old negative thinking patterns and habits. I could literally SEE myself going down a bad path and stop myself DEAD in my tracks.

The result of combining all of these things?

I went from:

1. Barely being able to ask someone for the time to approaching attractive people I wanted to meet and starting relationships with them.

2. Never traveling before to moving my entire life from Canada to Vietnam and Thailand, completely alone.

3. Spending hours of time in useless thought loops (dreaming up scenarios that NEVER ended up happening) to moving forward with actionable and productive steps in minutes.

I felt lighter, happier, and more alive. I could do and accomplish more, and I decided to put all this information into a book that became a #1 bestseller on the Amazon bookstore in the depression help, mental health, and psychology/counseling categories.

But I wanted to expand on this more. The tools that I use are now engrained in me, and I’d like to tell you about how I discovered all these techniques—and how YOU can use them to manage your anxiety better, face your fears, and stop procrastinating on all of your important goals, all while facing 16 other so-called “mental wastes.”

This is what Mastery Of The Mind is.

Announcing: The Mastery Of The Mind Course

The System to Conquer Your Procrastination, Crush Your Anxiety, and Obliterate 17 Other Mental Wastes to Take Control of Your Mind, and Take Control of Your Life Based on the #1 Bestselling Book

Mastery Of The Mind is a video and text course filled with tools to tackle specific bad habits, mental traps, and mental wastes.

This course is a series of video lessons. Each video presents a concept, essential point, or idea. For each mental waste, you are given a series of practical habits or exercises at the end of the video in written form to follow so you can destroy each one.

The exercises combine psychological research from cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, Zen Buddhism, and meditation, along with practical advice that has worked for me and countless others.

Mastery Of The Mind teaches you:

1. Mindfulness techniques to calm your mind so you can see and dismantle the thought patterns going on in your head, and learn how to let them go and change them.

2. How to identify the bad habits and mental traps you might be doing without even knowing that are keeping you from crushing life.

3. Tools that you can implement to attack and destroy 19 of these mental wastes, like fear, procrastination, negative thinking, jealousy, and more.

This is your plan. No more feeling lost. No more analysis paralysis.

I made this for you, and it’s what I wish I’d had when I got into self-improvement.

When You Sign up for the Mastery Of The Mind Course You Will Learn:

  • The one method to get over ANY fear, and why "Just do it" is useless (you’d pay thousands just to learn this method alone).
  • The 2 sets of brains you have, and how learning how they relate to each other gives you power over your mental state and mood.
  • The one law that shows that what you think leads to how you feel, and how you can change your thoughts to improve your mood, self-esteem, and confidence.
  • 2 essential tools to fast-track your self-improvement and supercharge your results.
  • Why you get that uneasy feeling and keep thinking something negative will happen when you try anything new—and how you can push through this.
  • The one thing we’ve ALL been doing since we were kids (that’s TOTALLY FREE) that can make all the difference in the world in demolishing shame and conquering your fears.
  • How to get out of those useless thought patterns or spirals— the reason you get into them and the one simple method to step out of them.
  • The REAL reason you procrastinate so much, and the 3 ways you can curb and control it.
  • Where negative self-talk and self-criticism come from, and how to stop them dead in their tracks.
  • How to get out of any negative thinking by expanding your scope into the future and using a simple 9 step question-and-answer process.
  • Why you compare yourself to others, and what you can do instead of being endlessly jealous.
  • Real-life examples of how many of us have used these methods to get over our mental stumbling blocks, freeing up our limited but essential mental energy.

Yes Noam!

I'm Ready to Get Rid of All the Mental Wastes That Are Keeping Me down and Take Control of My Life Once and for All.


This Might Shock You: You're Losing Hours of Your Life and over $20,000 by Letting Your Bad Habits Control You!

Leading marketing speaker and coach, Eben Pagan, suggests an easy way to calculate how much an hour of your time is worth by taking your yearly income, dividing it in half, and removing three zeros. If you make $100,000 per year, you’d divide that in half and get $50,000. Then remove three zeros and you get $50 per hour.

So say you're procrastinating, losing time pissing away hours on the Internet. Those “great” sites like Reddit and Facebook feel good in the moment, but afterwards make you feel like crap for not moving forward on the important stuff: working on your business, putting in more time for a promotion, going to the gym, or meeting people.

This is costing you. Just by spending an hour on this each day, that’s potentially up to $20,000 of lost time in a year! Isn’t that insane? Think about what you could be doing with that time instead. And that’s just simple stuff like surfing the internet! Can you imagine how much more this can add up to if you’re procrastinating in other ways?

What about the fear and hesitation you face every time you’d like to approach someone attractive or ask for a raise? What about all the hours spent worrying about things that never happen? And all the stress of being consumed by negative thoughts?

Your mental wastes are literally stealing your life away from you.

I want you to think about all the bad habits and things in your mind that are hurting you, like fear, anxiety, negative thinking, and jealousy…think about how much stress they cause you. How much anger and frustration you feel. Think about how much time you WASTE with them.

All that pain is far greater than the small cost of learning how to dismantle and destroy them.

The journey I’m offering you in this course will make you into a different person, because you’ll now be armed with the knowledge of what to do when you face your bad habits. They won’t stop or hurt you anymore.

Now, what if the promise I’m making (and guaranteeing!) you is actually true?

How much would learning all the tools and habits you need to conquer your bad habits save you in terms of dollars and cents? How much is that stress- and anxiety-free time worth to you?

If I was coaching you, I’d be giving you 1-on-1 advice. Based on the amount of information and sheer hours I put into this course, that could potentially cost upwards of $3,000.

But because I can provide this program to you in an online, self-study format, I’m going to offer it to you at the low investment of $197—that’s it!

Even if you save yourself just 4 hours of stress in your life, this program pays for itself…but imagine if you cut HOURS upon HOURS of stress, worrying, anxiety, and procrastination from your life. You’re gaining your time back—and once that’s gone, you can never reclaim it.

But now you can.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

When you sign up for the Mastery Of The Mind course, you do so risk free. I offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all signups for up to 30 days.

Check out the tools and habits for your specific issues, watch the videos, and get started.

If at anytime within the 30 days you decide that the program isn’t for you—if you don’t like the course and material for whatever reason—simply submit a request and I’ll refund your money.

No questions asked.

Yes Noam!

I'm Ready to Get Rid of All the Mental Wastes That Are Keeping Me down and Take Control of My Life Once and for All.


You Also Get 5 Bonuses Included with Mastery Of The Mind:

1. How To Raise Your Mental Energy And Decrease Stress In 8 Easy Steps (Report)

You have limited mental energy, but did you know that you're wasting a great deal of it on things that don't matter? You're being drained right now even as you read this. You'll learn 8 simple things you can immediately put into practice to raise your mental energy, awareness, and focus while destroying your stress.

2. A Kick-Start Guide To Setting Your Goals (And Actually Achieving Them)

Setting goals is an essential part of life—if you aren't learning or growing, you're slowly and comfortably floating through all the way to death. That doesn't sound good at all. But, so many people fail at the goals they set. Why? This guide will help you smash through anything you're working on: writing that book, getting that six-pac, or getting a boyfriend/girlfriend. It teaches you a few small tricks most people miss that stop them from achieving what they set out to accomplish.

3. The 20-Step Management Plan To Get Back To Crushing Life When You’re In Your Head, Anxious, Overwhelmed, Or Feeling Down

Shit happens in life, and it sucks. You could be in a bad mood for hours, days, or even months that turn into years. I wrote this guide as a step-by-step process for getting back to feeling happy, productive, and right again when something goes wrong. You'll be able to walk through the list and talk yourself through any situation to get back to feeling like yourself.

4. The original #1 bestselling book, Mastery Of The Mind

When you enroll in this course you'll get to follow along with the original book for additional information, guidance, and as an awesome reference.


An Exclusive Interview With Location 180 founder Sean Ogle:

On Handling Failure, Killing Your Procrastination, And What To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up On Life

I sat down with Sean to talk about how he handles issues that affect us all: work burnout, failure, procrastination, and when things simply become too much. Learn how an entrepreneur who's built multiple successful businesses has done it, and had a blast in the process...all the while curbing his own mental wastes.

Sign up for the Mastery Of The Mind Course and You’ll Get Everything Below:

  • 25 detailed videos with 4 hours of content to teach you how to destroy your negative habits, along with dozens pages of supplemental information from the original book.
  • Over 40 clearly explained habits and tools to crush 19 mental wastes like procrastination, anxiety, and fear.
  • Lifetime access to the course and all future updates, giveaways, and extra members-only information not sent out to anyone else.
  • The original #1 bestselling book: Mastery Of The Mind.
  • 3 free reports:
    • How To Raise Your Mental Energy In 8 Easy Steps
    • A Kick-Start Guide To Setting Goals (And Actually Achieving Them)
    • The 20-Step Management Plan To Get Back To Crushing Life When You’re In Your Head, Anxious, Overwhelmed, Or Feeling Down
  • An exclusive bonus interview: Sean Ogle On Handling Failure, Killing Your Procrastination, And What To Do If You Feel Like Giving Up On Life
  • 30-day 100% money back guarantee

Yes Noam!

I'm Ready to Get Rid of All the Mental Wastes That Are Keeping Me down and Take Control of My Life Once and for All.

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